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  • 2023 CAPA Lunch and Learning Event

2023 CAPA Lunch and Learning Event

  • 11 Mar 2023
  • 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • 11451 Katy Freeway, Suite 400, Houston, Texas 77079
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Climate Change Accelerates the US Oil Industry Waning (2020 to 2050?)


$10 registration fee (Lunch included) 注册费 $10,将为参会者提供可口中式午餐。

The shale revolution has profoundly impacted the US oil industry, reversing the oil production declining trend in a short period, which finally realized the country’s energy independence. However, this great achievement does not lead the US oil industry continuously thrive. The challenges that the US oil industry face are not geology, technology, or economics, and oil reserve is no longer the issue, but the uncertain climate change becomes the most important concern. This last series talk is to cover the latest industry movement, such as policy impact, climate change debate, renewable energy, and industry forecast.

页岩革命深刻影响了美国石油工业,在短时间内扭转了石油产量下降的趋势,最终实现了美国能源独立。 然而,这一伟大成就并没有使美国石油工业继续繁荣发展,美国石油工业面临的挑战不是地质、技术或经济,石油储备不再是问题,而是不确定的气候变化成为了最重要的问题。这是美国石油行业历史系列的最后一次讲座,将涵盖最近的美国石油行业动态,例如政策影响、气候变化辩论、可再生能源和行业未来的展望。


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