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Dr. Tai-chang Shih  史大昌博士:   Independent E&P consultant, was born in China, grew up in Hong Kong, and attended National Taiwan University, where he received a B.S. in geology.  He began graduate training at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty, and moved with his advisor to the University of Texas at Austin, where he received a PhD (Marine Geology and Geophysics).  Tai's 24-year career at Texaco involved conducting seismic interpretation research and training, technical services, and E&D worldwide.  He led Texaco's seismic interpretation research and sequence stratigraphy teams, and was involved in many Texaco's E&D projects, including off-shore West Africa, Middle-East, SE Asia, and China (project managers for China new ventures and the Tarim Basin projects, and G&G coordinator for the of QHD 32-6 development).  At Texaco, Tai served on the Frontier Exploration Department's Senior Team, Houston-Area and Corporate Diversity Councils; he was also a college recruiter, trained facilitator, and a Qualified Reserve Estimator (QRE).  Since 2002, he has been consulting for various companies, including Applied Computing Engineering, Circle Oil, CPC Taiwan, and Neumin, on domestic US and international E&P projects (including Hungary, Namibia, China, Taiwan, Australia, Colombia, etc.), as well as conducting various technical/business training workshops.  Tai served as the President for in 2014 and Chairman of the Board in 2016.


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