Dr. Yau’s funeral

15 Jun 2022 9:20 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It is our great sadness to inform our members and friends that CAPAs founding president, Frank Yau (姚鳳北) has passed away at 3:45 am on June 10th, 2022, due to illness. The memorial service will be held on June 18th at 11am at Winford Funerals Southwest ( 8514 Tybor Drive, Houston, TX 77074).

    Dr. Yau, a graduate of National Taiwan University and Purdue University, together with his friends and colleagues from the oil and gas industry, founded Chinese American Petroleum Association (CAPA) back in 1983 as a platform to promote technology communication and development between mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong , Macau and the US. Since then CAPA has become an important platform for collaboration between energy industries among the greater China region. Their technical leaderships have created many wonderful events, including annual technical forums, International Conference for Chinese Petroleum Engineers, training courses, etc. The impact has been profound and deeply appreciated by both sides of the straight.

    Dr. Yau came to the US in 1968 and got his Ph.D. from Purdue University in mechanical engineering. He started his career in Exxon R&D, and later became the VP of Enron China and the general manager of Burlington Resources China. He loved travel and had been to most provinces in China and all 50 states of the US. His footsteps also include many other parts of the world. He was also a prolific writer and had authored more than 50 articles and books in both Chinese and English.

    Dr. Yau’s foresight in CAPA’s creation will be remembered and remain as an important legacy to Chinese Americans in the energy industry and as an example how contributions and cooperation can be made in difficult times.


    很遺憾地通知大家, CAPA的創始會長姚鳳北博士於2022年6月10日凌晨3點45分因病去世。追悼會將於 6 月 18 日上午 11 點在 Winford Funerals Southwest(8514 Tybor Drive, Houston, TX 77074)舉行。

    姚博士與石油界的朋友和同事們於 1983 年成立了美國華人石油協會(CAPA),作為促進中國大陸、台灣、香港、澳門和美國之間技術交流和發展的平台。在此之後, CAPA已成為大中華地區能源行業合作的重要平台。多年來,CAPA團隊舉辦了無數精彩的活動,包括年度技術論壇、中國石油工程師國際會議、培訓班等,影響深遠,得到了兩岸三地及美方的高度讚賞。

    姚博士畢業於台灣大學,1968年來到美國,獲得普渡大學機械工程博士學位。 他的職業生涯始於Exxon研發,後來成為Enron China副總裁和Burlington Resources China中國總經理。他熱愛旅行,去過中國大部分的省份和美國50個州。他的足跡還包括世界上許多其他地方。他也是一位多產的作家,不但發表了 50 多篇中英文文章,同時也撰寫了不少書籍。

    姚博士對 CAPA 創立的遠見將被銘記,毫無疑問地將成為我們華裔在能源行業的重要資產,以及如何在困難時期做出的貢獻與合作的典範。


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