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  • 2022 CAPA Lunch & Learn Event (二零二二华人石油协会午餐与学习活动)

2022 CAPA Lunch & Learn Event (二零二二华人石油协会午餐与学习活动)

  • 24 Sep 2022
  • 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • 11451 Katy Freeway, Suite 400, Houston, Texas 77079 & Zoom Meeting


2022 CAPA Lunch and Learning Event


Deepwater Challenge and Shale Revolution (1980-2020)


This lecture will mainly cover 3 areas, the formation and function of OPEC, the challenge of entering the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the impact of the shale gas revolution. These are both history and present events. OPEC is still active on the international stage, offshore oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico are still producing, and shale oil and gas development by hydraulic fracturing has become the most important source of oil and gas production in the United States.

本次讲座将涉及三个方面的内容,一是回顾欧佩克的形成及功能,二是进军墨 西哥湾深水的挑战,三是介绍页岩气革命的影响。这些内容即是历史也是现实,欧佩克仍 然活跃于国际舞台,墨西哥湾海上油田也还在生产,水力压裂的页岩油气开发正在成为美 国油气生产最为重要的来源。

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