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  • 2020 CAPA/HTAA Lunch & Learn Event (二零二零华人石油协会/大休斯顿地区清华大学校友会午餐与学习活动)

2020 CAPA/HTAA Lunch & Learn Event (二零二零华人石油协会/大休斯顿地区清华大学校友会午餐与学习活动)

  • 10 Oct 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Zoom meeting


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2020 CAPA/HTAA Lunch & Learn Event


Immigration and Legal Strategies for Chinese Americans under Current Environment


CAPA与大休斯顿地区清华大学校友会联合举办本次午餐学习会,邀请到美国金润律师事务所陈文律师以及Mr. Nathan J. Mays律师与大家一起探讨当前形势下在美华人移民以及其他法律事务方面的策略。

Please RSVP at  http://www.capaus.org/event-3992999   Zoom meeting will be sent to your email by October 9th.   请到 http://www.capaus.org/event-3992999  预约,注册成功后,登录方法将于会议前一日寄到您的注册邮箱。

如果您有感兴趣的话题,CAPA诚邀您通过下面的 Google Form链接事先提交你的问题:   If you are interested in any topics, CAPA sincerely invite you to submit your questions through the Google Form link:    https://forms.gle/iuz89i2fka5n14ZB7

For details please see the file below:

For questions please contact us via: capa2019conference@gmail.com



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